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Automatic Chemiluminescence Immunoassay System


Sample Tray:

Disc design, up to 60 samples loading capacity per batch

The position of sample, standard product and quality control positions can be edited

Support emergency function.

Reagent Tray:

Patented semiconductor refrigeration technology

Up to 30 reagent position on board with refrigeration at 2-8℃

Up to 30 items can be tested at the same time.


Washing and mixing module:

Three-level cleaning mode, higher cleaning efficiency;

Non-contact mixing to avoid cross-contamination.


Sample Probe:

Excellent rinsing system make carry-over ≤10-5

Liquid-level and blood coagulation detection system

Intelligent anti-collision function

Sampling volume: 15ul-100ul




The chemiluminescence immunoassay system uses magnetic particle separation technology, which uses magnetic particles as antibody carriers, which can be evenly distributed in the liquid phase reaction system, with faster reaction speed and higher efficiency. Using enzymatic chemiluminescence method, the light signal is more stable. A new generation of enzymatic substrates, with higher sensitivity and faster luminescence.

Compared with the international brands, the chemiluminescence immunoassay reagents have good consistency, the coincidence rate can reach more than 95%, and the detection precision can reach CV<2%.