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BGE800 Series Blood Gas & Electrolyte Analyzer

Test Items Measuring Range Unit
pH(CH) 6.000~9.000 pH scale
pCO2 1.607~26.67 kpa
8.0~200.0 mmHg
pO2 kpa kpa
0~800.0 mmHg
K 0.5~15.0 mmol/L
Na+ 20.0~200.0 mmol/L
Cl- 20.0~200.0 mmol/L
Ca++ 0.3~5.0 mmol/L
Hct 12.0~65.0 %
B.P. 500~800
Glu 1.1~66.7 mmol/L
Lac 0.4~30.0 mmol/L
Derived(Calculated) Parameters
pH(TC) pH Temperature Corrected
pCO2(TC) pCO2 Temperature Corrected
pO2(TC) pCO2 Temperature Corrected
TCO2 Total Carbon Dioxide
HCO3 Actual Plasma Bicarbonate
BEb Base Excess in Blood
BEecf Base Excess Inextra Cellular Fluids
SBC Standard Bicarbonate
So2% Calculated Oxygen Staturation Percentage
Ca++(7.4) Ionized Calcium Normalized’’ to pH 7.4
TCa Total Calcium Content
AG Anion Gap
RI Respiratory Index
AaDO2 Alveolar Artillery Oxygen Gradient
O2SAT Oxygen Saturation
tHb(c) Hernoglobin (Calculated)


BGE-800A: pH(CH), pCO2, pO2, K,Na+, CL-, Ca++, Hct, B.P.

BGE-800B: pH, pCO2, pO2, Hct, B.P.

Measured Parameters:

Model BGE-800Series
Sample Whole blood, Serum, Plasma, Dialysate, CSF
Input Parameters Patient Temperature, Hemoglobin, FiO2, B.P.
Analysis Time <90s
Sample Volume 95μl (whole blood),35μl (capillary blood)
Calibration Automatic, Programmable, One-point and Two-point
Data Storage More than 10,000 results
Display 10.4” TFT Touch Screen
Battery Leadacidbattery,2.3Ah
Printer Build inthermalprinter, 70mm
Barcode Reader Up to 14 Kindsbarcodetype
Interface Serialline RS-232
Integratedbar-code reader
Working Conditions PowerSupply:AC220±10% 50/60Hz; 110±10% 60Hz;150W
Storage Environment:5~45℃
Package Size(W*D*H) 800*680*640mm
Gross Weight 50kg
ReagentPackage Size 320*460*370mm
ReagentGross Weight 7kg



  1. 10.4″ TFT Touch Screen
  2. Infrared human-dector
  3. Auto QC Cartridge
  4. Easy to use, fast data input
  5. Cost-saving standy mode
  6. Rich data management
  7. Flexible and simple calibrants cartridge
  8. Friendly operation interface