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Cut turbine pumpRQ 268


These types of pumps are used to supply water required for large water supply, agricultural and industrial projects that have high flow and medium working pressure. Due to the vertical structure of these pumps, they have high flexibility and good efficiency, and in different conditions on a fixed and floating station, they have the ability to draw water from canals, rivers and the sea. Turbine pumps are reliable products with high efficiency for collecting and distributing water from sand wells, suction pools and pumping stations.

Due to the large space that horizontal electric pumps occupy and due to the limitations of such pumps, especially in the production of high heads, service and maintenance, lubrication and lubrication of bearings and in many designs of the pumping station, the pump can be used. Used turbines as a pumping station. The advantages of using these pumps are the possibility of creating low cavitation, no need for ventilation, low maintenance costs and high mobility of suspended sand particles.