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Electric loading anti-seismic support and hanger fatigue test bench


The fatigue test-bed of seismic support and hanger is mainly used to test the fatigue performance of seismic support.
Applicable to standards
Mechanical property testing system in gbt37267-2018 “general technical conditions for seismic supports and hangers of buildings” and GB / t38053-2019 “general technical requirements for fabricated supports and Hangers”
Product features
1. The control system adopts edci20 (new model) controller produced by DOLI company of Germany. The external full digital control system EDC of DOLI company is widely used in all kinds of material testing machines all over the world, with ultra-high cost performance and excellent leading technology
2. The actuator has the characteristics of high precision displacement and force control, low noise, energy-saving, clean, high rigidity, impact resistance, super long life, stable movement, flexible installation, and configuration (front flange installation, rear flange installation, side flange installation, rear flange installation, trunnion installation, etc.), and simple operation and maintenance.
3. The servo cylinder is equipped with connecting support to ensure that it can meet the requirements of different loading directions during the test loading process, and the servo cylinder should follow the requirements during the loading process, which can not only ensure the accuracy of a force sensor measurement but also ensure that the actuator is free from the influence of lateral force.

Parameter / model

Zjsy-50 (hydraulic)

zjsy-50 (electric)

Maximum static test force (KN)



Maximum dynamic test force (KN)



Force measurement range



Force measurement accuracy

±1% FS

±0.5% FS

Dynamic force measurement range



Accuracy of dynamic force measurement

±3% FS

Loading speed (mm / s)


Displacement range (mm)


Displacement resolution (mm)


Loading frequency (Hz)


Loading waveform

Sine wave, triangle wave and square wave

Test space (mm)


Test sample

Seismic connection construction, pipeline connection construction, seismic support and hanger