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  • Used to perform large range of Triaxial tests on soil samples to determine the strength parameters and the mechanical properties.
  • Capable of performing:


  • Used to perform large range of Triaxial tests on soil samples to determine the strength parameters and the mechanical properties.
  • Capable of performing:
    • Standard Triaxial Tests:
      • UU Test (Unconsolidated Undrained Test)
      • CU Test (Isotropically Consolidated Undrained Test)
      • CD Test (Isotropically Consolidated Drained Test)
    • Wide range of advanced Triaxial tests (ie, K0 consolidation, and custom stress paths)
  • Capacity:
    • Frame : 200 kN (20 tons)
    • Load Cell : 20 kN (2 tons)
    • Cell : 2000 kPa
    • Pressure Transducer : 25 bar
    • Water Tank : > 30 lt
    • Ram travel : 50 mm
  • Sample Dimensions
    • Triaxial Tests : 35 – 70 mm
    • Flexible Wall Permeability : 35 – 90 mm
  • The load cell is installed inside the cell to eliminate the piston friction calculations from the test and provide very precise measurements, which is directly applied on the sample. The water-proof load cell is made completely of stainless steel.
  • The load is applied by servo-motor, which allows sensitive control on loading speed ranging from 0.00001 – 9.99999 mm/min.
  • The cell is made of high-strength plexiglass specially designed for this particular device with thickness of 10 mm.
  • Equipped with 2 PVAs (Pressure-Volume Actuator) which controls and measures both pressure change volume change in the cell and the sample. The PVA is completely controlled from computer with the supplied software.
  • The pressure is measured using very precise pressure transducer that sends the data to the equipped acquisition system.
  • The acquisition system gathers the data from all the sensors (load cell, pressure transducers, electronic position indicators … etc), analyses it and sends it to the computer via USB.
  • The water tank is fitted with a magnetic stirrer to de-air the water before pumping it into the system. Adding this feature significantly reduces the time required to saturate the sample and provide air-free water during the test to the whole system.
  • The LCD indicator at the front of the system shows the readings from all the sensors and the position of the PVA pistons with the amount of water left in each one simultaneously.
  • The tests are all performed from computer with the help of ALFA’s state-of-the-art Triaxial Control software (refer to
    appendix A for more details).
  • The device is supplied with all the required accessories to perform Triaxial Tests, Uniaxial UCS Tests, Permeability Tests, and all the tools for proper sample preparation.

Triaxial Software

  • The software provides full control on ALFA’s Triaxial Tester (T-333/A). It consists of different tabs with selfexplanatory notes and guides taken from the international standards and based on the findings of reliable researchers and universities in the world.
  • Each tab guides the user to what should be done in very simple step-by-step progress. The top part of the software is constant that provides quick access to some important control functions on the software and the machine like proceeding to next stage, changing the data recording method for the report, emergency stop for the machine …etc.