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SMART TRACKER (Multi-Wheels) (A-840)

  • Designed to allow researchers and practitioners to conduct tests under dry (in air) and/or under water (wet).


EN 12697-22 • AASHTO T324

  • Designed to allow researchers and practitioners to conduct tests under dry (in air) and/or under water (wet).
  • Can perform wet veya dry test with both wheels veya run one wheel under dry and one wheel under wet condition
    simultaneously during a single test.
  • The Hamburg wheel tracking device can be used to determine the resistance of Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) to rutting and moisture sensitivity. Meets and exceeds EN and AASHTO.
  • Designed with innovative Özellikler and the needs of the end users in mind.
  • Used to determine the creep slope, stripping inflection point and stripping slope.

Supplied With

  • The software is fully customizable by the operator according to EN and AASHTO Standarts, and the personal needs.
  • Automatic calculation of stripping inflection point (AASHTO).
  • Test execution and all parameters, such as water/air temperature, specimen temperature, ruth depth… can be monitored in real time.
  • The software also allows exporting test data to an Excel compatible format.

Technical Specifications

  • Comply with EN 12697-22 and AASHTO T324.
  • No lifting of heavy wheel assemblies. Wheels retract automatically away from samples and park into rest position.
  • Sturdy machine, designed for the rugged construction laboratory environment stainless steel sample tanks.
  • Two independent loaded wheel systems each capable of conducting wet veya dry sample tests simultaneously.
  • Sliding sample positioning mechanism for easy mould handling and plaÇİMENTO in the machine.
  • Does not require lifting of heavy wheel components.
  • Fully Automatic machine. Detects and stops the test when the target rut depth is reached.
  • Touch-screen control unit based on Windows operating system for user friendly execution of the test, management of the data and visualization of the results.
  • Each of the two wheel assemblies is Donanım displaÇİMENTO transducers for rut measurement.
  • Mekanik recirculating Su Banyosu for temperature control within ± 1 °C.
  • Easy to load, unload, drain water and clean the unit after each test.
  • Small footprint to accomodate small construction labs.