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SYD series–Precise Nc Electromechanical servo correction press-mounting machine

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Jilin, China
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100 Set/Sets per Month
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SYD series–Precise Nc Electromechanical servo correction press-mounting machine

The Precise Electromechanical servo correction press-mounting machine is widely used for component parts precision mounting, can fulfill various plate material’s punching, coining, correction, riveting, bending, shearing and stretching using different tools, it is a wide-range used machine tool. The frame is welded by high strength steel plate, enable it has enough stiffness and strength to bear working load, wide working space, very convenience for operation. Through closed-loop control servo motor to drive high precision ball screw to achieve accurate displacement, can realize full course displacement control, equipped with high sensitivity force sensor can obtain precision force-replacement curve.

Equipment function

1, Whole process stepless speed variation precise press mounting , with fast forward, detection, press mounting , holding pressure, return function

2. Online adjust press mounting quality, set adjust criteria freely, convenient for quality control

3. Show press mounting curve in real time

4. 7 modes for choose: 1). Constant speed press mounting , set position to stop, 2) constant speed press mounting , set pressure to stop, 3) constant speed press mounting , set displacement to stop, 2) constant speed press mounting , I/O trigger a stop, 5) pressure/displacement, double section control, 6) pressure/pressure, double section control, 7) pressure/position, double section control

5. Pressure acquisition adopts nonlinearity correction technology, take measuring on whole course to increase force sensor’s precision and usage scope, can fulfill high precision measurement.

6. Equipped with hand control box, can realize stepless speed variation function, convenience to adjust position slightly

7. Perfect self-diagnostic system and software and hardware protection, can do self-diagnostic systemically, provide driving system with over-current, over-load and limit protection, watchdog circuit protection and over-controlled deviation protection, etc.

8. Powerful software based on parameterization design, integrated with sensor specification, mechanism specification, control specification and PID specification’s setting, revise and storage, also combined with powerful real time drawing function.

9. Press mounting process is controlled by sectional type, control mode, loading speed, target value can be set flexible.

10. Controlled by constant speed, constant force, adopt full closed-loop control method, fast reaction, high control precision.

11. Friendly operation interface with different level authority.

12. Parameter storage function, after changing tools, no need to re-set parameter, select stored parameter directly.

13. Curve of press mounting process and data can be storage, convenience to data trace.


Technical data:


Displacement measurement Resolution: 0.005mm
Resetting  accuracy <0.01mm.
speed Speed scope 0.1-150mm/s, stepless speed variation, set freely
Speed accuracy ±0.5%(detection distance>20mm)
pressure Effective control scope 10%-100% of total force sensor capacity
Measure accuracy Reading value +/-5%(measuring range 10%-100%)






SYD-50 SYD-100 SYD-200
Max force in theory(kN) 50 100 200
Pressing head max. Stoke(mm) 200 300 400
Pressing head descend Max speed 160 140 120
Pressing head ascend Max speed 160 140 120
Detecting speed 0.1-10 0.1-10 0.1-10
Press mounting speed 0.1-5 0.1-5 0.1-5
Worktable size, L X W 450×400 550×400 650×400
Open height 400 600 600
Operate station height 1050 1050 1050
Depth throat 410 410 410
Power source 3P 380VAC 50Hz
Motor power 7.5 15 25
weight 750 1100 1800