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Vertical Freezer(-60℃ Freezer)


Model BDF-60V58 BDF-60V108 BDF-60V158 BDF-60V398
External Size(W*D*H)mm 540*620*1115 700*730*1260 700*700*1580 850*960*1860
Internal Size(W*D*H)mm 361*405*406 460*460*510 785*770*1750 550*630*1140
Capacity 58L 118L 158L 398L
Temp.Range -45℃ ~ -86℃, adjustable
Temp.Accuracy 0.1℃
Control System & Display Microprocessor control, LED display
Audio & Visual Alarm High or low temperature alarm ;Sensor failure alarm
Refrigeration Type Direct refrigeration
Refrigerant Unique fluoride-free mixed refrigerant, CFC-Free
Condenser & Evaporator Optimized evaporation and condensation system,

strong cooling and low energy consumption



Structure 90mm ultra-thick foam layer 120mm ultra-thick foam layer 1mm ultra-thick foam layer


304 stainless steel


Cold-rolled steel with anti-bacteria powder coating
Consumption 340W 440W 470W 550W
Power Supply AC110V/220V±10%,50/60Hz
Package Size


610*690*1275 785*800*1430 785*770*1750 935*1030*2030
Gross Weight 101kg 128kg 143kg 170kg



Safety System

1. Perfect alarm system with buzzer sound and lamp flashing alarm functions

2. High temperature alarm & Temperature  sensor failure alarm

3. Multiple-protection function (Password protection, power-on delay, time between stops, refrigeration system operation protection during sensor failure)