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Automatic shaft straightener 300T

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Applicable standard:

Implementation Standard: GB/T 15706.2-2007/ISO 12100-2:2003 “Safety of machinery – Basic concepts, general principles for design”

Q/CSS23-2006 Axis Automatic Straightening Machine

Product Series: JES (Four Column Type)

Product uses:

Applicable Products: Blank, Piston Rod, Half Shaft, Cylinder, Drilling Rod, etc.


Product Profile:

JES series large tonnage hydraulic manual/automatic straightening machine is a high-performance manual/automatic straightening machine which is launched by our company in response to the production needs of the vast number of enterprise users. Combining with the advanced design of straightening machine in the world, it is a revolutionary product of semi-automatic straightening machine. This series of straightening machine can be widely used in straightening large axle parts. It can real-time detect and measure the run-out of point axle. It is the first choice for large axle and rod parts enterprises.

Type characteristics:

1. Automatic rotation measurement. Sensor can automatic measure the run-out of each measurement point with digital display of the measured value of each measurement point.

2. Hydraulic servo loading control is used to replace traditional pressure control in manual mode.

3. The controllable precision of loading displacement is 0.01mm.

4. The pressure head has lower limit control, the limit distance can be adjusted, and it can remain static when the power is suddenly cut off and the equipment is shut down.

5. The product has strong adaptability and high degree of automation.

6. Good maneuverability, unique advanced manual servo displacement control means. It can reduce the dependence on the quality of operators, easy to achieve high-precision straightening requirements.

7. Use the button to control the moving position of the worktable and locate the loading straightening point.

8. The manipulation unit of the hand control rod controls the position of the pressure head, realizes the complete position control, and improves the accuracy and efficiency of the straightening.