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Elisa Microplate Washer BK-9622


Model BK-9622
Microplate Types Applicable to all types of microplates. Flat bottom, V-shaped bottom, U-shaped bottom, round bottom ., 96-well
WashingMode 2 kinds ofAutomatic washing,Soaking andShaking, to reduce the interference adsorption during the reaction;  0-999 seconds adjustable.
Average Residue <1μl
Number ofMicroplate 1- 12 rows adjustable
CleaningHead  8 channels and 12 channels
LiquidSuctionTime  0.1-9.9 seconds adjustable, with an interval of 0.1 seconds
WashingPrograms Up to 100 programs,eachprogram independently stores the name of an experiment item and the shape parameter of the microtiter plate
FlushingPipeline time 0-240 seconds adjustable
Display 5.0 inch LCD screen
LiquidInjectionChannels 3 (2 types of lotion and 1 type of distilled water)
CleaningNeedlePosition  5 types adjustable (Horizontal,Left,Center,Right,Bottom)
Packing size(W*D*H): 710*510*451mm
Gross Weight 23kg



1. Up to 100 washing programs, each program independently stores the name of an experiment item

and the shape parameter of the microplate;

2. A variety of lotion channels are optional, which can be selected by default or manual switching;

3. With the function of washing liquid washing pipeline, the washing time can be adjusted, effectively

preventing the formation of crystallization;

4. The lotion bottle has a uniform volume scale, which is convenient for the preparation of working liquid,

and the automatic alarm function is full of waste liquid;